Security Increased Monthly Profits from $20K to $45K!

Freeport Self Storage Experienced an Owner Distribution Increase from $20K to $45K!

The owners of Freeport Self Storage had a typical experience we often hear when it came to third-party management. Their managers were stealing from the owner and their security consisted of pit bulls roaming the property. No useful cameras, no gate access, no modern security to speak of.

When we partnered with the owner and took over security, we not only managed a complete remodel and update of the facility, we installed a state-of-the-art security system with Infra-Red (IR) beams on the perimeter, secure roll-up doors, new security gate, and improved office layout.

Their occupancy went from a disappointing 71% occupancy to a nice 98% occupancy. And best of all, the owner’s distributions have increased from $20K/mo to a respectable $45K/mo. Their return on investment (ROI) was quick and the owners can now sleep at night knowing their asset and their customer’s assets are safe, secure, and monitored and protected around the clock.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can significantly improve your business, please contact us. We’d love to talk about various ways to secure your property.