Robert Ended Up with Something Better

As he approached retirement, he had a problem…

Robert had run their family-oriented self-storage business for a long time as he approached retirement, his wife realized he had a problem. The business had fallen behind technology and he needed more time away from it so he could enjoy his retirement and spend the last few decades of his life traveling with his wife and being a bigger part of the family experience while they were still healthy. The business was sucking up too much of his precious time.

Initially, Robert was afraid to trust someone else to help him. He knew his business well but didn’t really know the newer technologies and, honestly, didn’t want to take the time to learn them. He also knew he wasn’t marketing effectively and what used to work wasn’t bringing in new clients like it used to. He was setting prices by intuition and didn’t analyze the market to ensure he maximized profit. When it came to lien sales, he was still pretty old-fashioned and wasn’t maximizing the revenue potential.

When he finally reached out to us, we brought in a team to get to know him and understand his goals. He loved our leading-edge security technology and software management system. In his case, he wanted to retain control of a few aspects of the business, which was fine. We helped design the perfect management solution that would handle billing, collections and maintenance and allow him to take as much time away as he wanted. He could even monitor the status of his business remotely while he traveled and visited family.

What amazed him that we not only helped him streamline his business, but we increased his passive cash flow because of the efficiencies we added. He now enjoys his life again and his wife is thrilled. This is what we do, and we are very good at it!

If you are in a similar situation or just want to make more money while you enjoy life, contact our team and let’s talk about it!