Built On Time and Under Budget

What the client needed was a miracle, but we knew we could do it…

Our internal Thomastown Builders division discovered that the land our client owned had challenges with utilities from three different entities and the county was hesitating on approving the permits. There were some neighbors who were objecting. It required a serious team focus and we laid out the strategy carefully. Our project plan was meticulously built. We quickly built relationships with the staff and electeds for that district and laid out a plan to reach the neighbors. We held community meetings and helped educate the community on the benefits of a storage facility versus other options that could be built. We did our homework, listened intently, and had factual answers for every concern.

Other portions of our team started connecting with the utilities that would be critical elements in order for us to meet the deadlines. The electric utility was the biggest challenge because of the layers of red tape and their incredibly-full project schedule. We figured out the right connections and we knew how to get their assistance in extending service to our project in time.

The elected body was another challenge. We met with them individually and presented the economic benefits of the project and discussed the modern design and attention to security so it wouldn’t be a concern to neighbors. Again, we carefully researched this body, anticipated the few concerns we might hear, and prepared careful and factual responses. The focus was on the win-win for the community as well as the tax revenue that would help support public safety, parks, and street repair.

As with every single one of our projects, we got the approvals we needed, met the deadline, and we came in under budget. All of these aspects are critical for the owners, who are now reaping the cash flow rewards and growing their wealth. Because we have decades of experience and an all-internal team, we can confidently boast that we can do the same for any project.

If you have a project idea that you’d like us to build for you, please contact us so we can discuss it.